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For those of you i havn't seen ina while and might actually be looking at this, guess what! I totally got a job doing storyboards for an actual project.  Which is amazing. And thats about all i can say cause i signed one of those lovly confidentiality clauses. I can't wait to start working on it ^.^
I'm a working on stuff and am procrastination by writing a sentance in deviant.  Alright i'm done now.
France was absolutly fantabulous.  it was most deffinatly an experience and a half.  i met awesome animators, did the tourist thing all day and partied all night(the louve, pompidu, and impressionist museaums i totally forgot to breath for a minute and a half in each one).  And France totally boosts your esteem cause i some how managed to pull off one almost boob grab, a sex offer and some guys phone number just from hanging around in parks.  It was fun.  The film festival Rocked!! and was a complete drool fest they might not have been the most interesting storylines ever created by my god were they beautifully exicuted.  The workshop went well also.  The woman who owns it is amazing she knows every big name in the industry.  It was impressive.  I got to meet John Canemaker. Hung out and got drunk with Pat Smith, some italians and other people on the trip.  Met John Dillworth.  weird man. Very awesome.  Pes and his wife are the two cutest people on the planet.  Spike from spike and mikes sick and twisted show is a fucking jackass pig with a girafe on his head(you heard me a giraffe).  and Bill Plympton is still bill plympton.  It was great. I can say this much at least, its something i'll never forget, and will always consider myself lucky that i got this chance to go.   only hope i can make it to the festival again next year.
Alrighty, for the next three weeks i am totally going to be in France.  And if your interested when i get back i'll probably be posting all the funny little things that went on while i was there.  So shall it be written so shall it be done. (cause if i don't write it down i probably wont do it....i tend to be bad like that). See everybody when i get back!
There seems to be something wrong with me. I'm updating...And i'm writing in the journal.  I think i've caught a case of too much time on my hands.